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Our Curriculum

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Personal Development

Through a variety of guest speakers, our girls have the opportunity to learn from women leading in our community. Topics cover positive attitude, assertiveness, goal-setting, and leadership. 

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Servant Leadership 

Servant leadership is defined as being a leader that meets others needs before their own. Our girls learn this leadership trait by not only attending service opportunities in our community, but planning & executing their own service project. 

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Real-World Opportunities

Our girls experience opportunities that allow them to make real-world connections to what they are learning in our program. They practice table etiquette at restaurants while trying new food, learn about healthy eating from the Children's Museum, and have toured MUSC. 

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From their teacher:

This program is exposing them to opportunities that they would not have due to financial or family situations. A few of my favorite memories are when the girls were going to learn about Backpack Buddies from the local food bank- this very program serves many of these girls every weekend. Another memory is when the girls had their mid-year celebration. They chose a fancy dress to wear, brought their own shoes, and were gifted with a new handbag. I visited them at the fancy restaurant and they were on their best behavior, I was amazed at what I saw! All of the girls's expressions were priceless, one student could not believe that they were drinking from "glass cups".  

When they came into the classroom the next day, they shared every detail, and one student shared, "The night made me feel like Cinderella." This program makes them feel like Cinderella each time they attend. 

I am thankful for this program because they use the leadership skills taught in the program during school and in our classroom.  For example, several of the girls were beginning to start drama over an incident at breakfast.  One of the students said, "We need to remember what we learned in Step-IN" and it stopped immediately. This program is critical for our girls, and I hope that it can be continued next year to offer continuity and enrich their lives even more.

-Mrs. Murray


become a step-in mentor

We're looking for 8-10 Mentors for to attend our weekly sessions from 3-5 pm on Wednesdays and Mentor 3-4 girls. If you would like to be a Mentor, please fill out the form.

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