take action

Host a supply drive

This summer, we need 6-10 businesses or groups to committ to do a supply drive for our Teacher’s Hope Closet! Items will be stored in our two Title 1 schools and given to teachers on an as needed basis throughout the year!

Step-In Girls

We know every girl has unique qualities, traits, and skill sets that make them unique and make them great. Our program is designed to help young women in Title 1 schools step-in to themselves, their community, and their future. 

Classroom Mentor

Our vision is to see every Title 1 classroom receive the support needed to ensure every student gets and stays on grade level in math. Become a Classroom Mentor today to invest in students lives personally and academically. 

Become a monthly donor

Monthly Donors are the backbone to our organization. Our generous givers allow us to sustain our mission and focus more on programs and less on fundraising. You can become a Monthly Donor in just a few simple steps.


Spread our mission

Whether it's through sharing our posts on Instagram, raising money on Facebook, or hosting a mini-fundraiser in your home, we've all got a part to play!


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