we enhance school culture and climate in high-poverty, title 1 schools by building on the strengths of students, teachers, and leaders.

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We believe that successful programs are built on relationships and will have a greater sustainable impact if they are built together. We are committed to providing opportunities for our organization to work with administrators and teachers to determine what their needs are, creating space for partnered teachers in different Title 1 schools to collaborate with one another, and partnering with other non-profits and businesses to close the gaps found in our Title 1 schools.


It's simple: we create with, not for. In partnership with local educators, we create programs and events that center on building relationships. We are committed to giving teachers the voice in the support they receive as we work together to close the opportunity and achievement gap in Title 1 schools.  


 We believe that successful impact is not built on the impact of one, but on the impact of many. We are honored to connect our Title 1 schools to community members, businesses, and each other to make an even greater impact. We believe that relationships change lives and center all who we connect on this to offer sustainable and on-going support to our students and teachers. 




Classroom Mentor

Our program works directly with Classroom Teachers to provide targeted instruction for students needing additional support in mathematics. Our goal is to see 85% or more of partnered students hit their 1.5 year growth the goal at the end of each academic year. 


Step-In! is designed to create a safe opportunity for young women in Title 1 schools to step-in to themselves, their community, and their future. 

Adopt a Classroom

Our Holiday program provides every student in eight local Title 1 schools with a brand new wrapped toy and a Holiday party thrown by community members. 

Our Team


Emily Kerr

Founder & Executive Director



Kendall Biga

Program Coordinator



Stephanie Wright

Program Assistant & Step-In! Coordinator



Liza Kimbrough

Community Outreach Coordinator


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Charleston Hope Board of Directors

Sara DeWolf, Board Chair - Attorney / Community Member

Shelby Benzel, Board Secretary - Founding Board Member, Charleston County School District Teacher

Cody Cooper, Board Treasurer – GritBox Fitness and Saltwater Cycle Owner

Kim Skaggs - Retired Attorney / Board Member of Reprieve US / Skaggs Family Foundation

Jerry Scheer – Homegrown Hospitality Group, Tbonz Foundation

Melissa Kersey - Charleston County School District Teacher

Chandler Bridges- Founding Board Member/ Community Member

Lester Schwartz - Tax Attorney